Gender boundaries in the beauty world are gradually blurring, and this is even good from the point of view of saving the family budget and space in the bathroom

The first to speak loudly about gender neutrality were perfumers, who practically stopped producing purely female or male fragrances. Now there is nothing strange if a guy buys a floral perfume, which was previously considered a 100% girlish story, and not as a gift to a friend, but to himself. Then this initiative was picked up by manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, but with the segment of care products the situation is more complicated and slower, but gradually brands are removing the label for men or for women from the jars. U magazine did not wait for the final transition and found out from experts what interesting things women can take from men’s care, and vice versa.

As for the differences, men’s skin contains 25-30% more collagen.

On the one hand, it makes the skin elastic and slows down aging, and on the other hand, its thickness increases. Therefore, in men’s care products there should be more active components that penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis and work there, improving its condition. But women’s skin contains fewer sebaceous and sweat glands, women also often face acne, but men have these problems more pronounced. In addition, women have less melanin, so their skin needs more time to tan.

Despite all the differences, both men and women need the same components for a healthy, well-groomed appearance. Let’s try to figure out what tools and techniques can be borrowed from each other.