Every woman is familiar with the situation when a man forgets to buy the right products or take out the trash. And there is a scientific explanation for this. In 2015, Liana Palermo offered 100 men and women various memorization tasks with an interval of 2 minutes to 1 day. It turned out that, in general, women remember tasks for the future better, whereas men and women forget past events equally often.

“Women, in addition to their main job, have many different responsibilities at home,” Liana believes, “and they have to keep a lot more information in their heads. This is how their memory is trained.”

American sexologists have determined that the healthier a man is, the stronger his smell attracts women.

A woman can feel the presence of a man even in a perfume store, where a dozen girls have just sprinkled toilet water on the tester. In addition, the female sense of smell will tell about the immunity of the guy. And it takes only 3 seconds for all this.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia have concluded that the smell of a beloved man helps women stop being nervous. It is not surprising that girls who are separated from their loved one sometimes sleep with his T-shirt to feel closer to him.