Neglect self-care is not worth it, even if it seems to you that there is absolutely no time or energy for it. To make it easier to take care of yourself, make the procedure standard and transfer it to the category of habits. Set aside 30 minutes a day for this.

Wash your face along with brushing your teeth and eating. Morning and evening, every day.

Even if you are lazy and do not have the strength, force yourself to wash and apply a moisturizer. After a week of daily grooming, you will notice the difference and will wash your face effortlessly, because you know that this way you will look better.

The main thing is that the washing and care procedures should cause as little trouble as possible and take as little time as possible. Therefore, keep all the tools at hand, so as not to look for the right tube or jar.

Also, plan your morning and evening. Cooking according to a recipe is much easier than improvising. It’s the same with daily self-care: if you know what and when you will do, the process becomes easier.

By analogy, plan a week. For example, on Monday and Thursday you pay attention to your hair, on Wednesday and Saturday you do facial procedures (masks, peeling, facial cleansing), on Sunday — for the body. Allocate one more day for manicure and pedicure. It does not take a lot of time, especially if you have planned out the process and transferred it from the category of extraordinary to everyday.

The key to success is consistency and consistency.