What is the care

Daily self-care is as necessary as proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. It allows you to look good and like yourself in the mirror. Taking care of ourselves, we prolong the youth of the skin and fight wrinkles.

Self-care can be divided into four types: facial care, body care, hand care and hair care. All parts of the body need attention. But how do we find time if we come home from work exhausted in the evening, and in the morning […]

Male and female: what techniques and skin care products can be adopted from each other

Gender boundaries in the beauty world are gradually blurring, and this is even good from the point of view of saving the family budget and space in the bathroom

The first to speak loudly about gender neutrality were perfumers, who practically stopped producing purely female or male fragrances. Now there is nothing strange if a guy buys a floral perfume, which was previously considered a 100% girlish story, and not as a gift to a friend, but to himself. Then this […]